Independently Happy – Blue October

Independently Happy – Blue October canción lanzada por primera vez en el año 2000

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Letras: Independently Happy – Blue October

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Independently Happy – Blue October Letras:

I feel that it’s hard enough to say good-bye.
I feel there’s the water. Should I sink or dive?
An empty plate, fill up my sentimental morning star.
I steal the art of putting truth in a lie.
I still want the girl that really caught my eye.
But, she lives in Oklahoma City, far away from me.
An empty hope chest.
Quit the dope quest,
And remain independently happy

I’m finally happy…happy… independently happy…

I deal with the fact that I’ve forgotten the worst.
I feel that my social behavior may seem somewhat unrehearsed.
Another page,
A sullen rage,
And I’ll be back to my normal self.

And I’m finally happy…happy… independently happy…

I drive to the edge of my considerate plain.
I apologize to the people I hurt on the way.
I wipe the slate clean
I kick the daydream,
And remain independently happy.

I’m finally happy…happy… independently happy.




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